FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is Urbanautica?

Visit our About page to find out more about who we are and what we do.

Does Urbanautica accept volunteers?
Volunteers are welcome. What we ask is above all the willingness to cooperate in an international editorial team with enthusiasm and commitment.

How can I contact Urbanautica?
General information: info[at]urbanautica.com  
Press Releases: pr[at]urbanautica.com
Projects: submit[at]urbanautica.com 
Thesis: thesis[at]urbanautica[dot]com
Or visit our People page to learn more on our contributor editors

I sent an email and I have not heard back?
We receive many submissions every day and hundreds of messages per week. Be patient we do our best! 

I would like to promote an exhibition?
Please join our facebook Photo Exhibitions group and share your press release directly. The group is about exhibitions so anything else will be removed. You can send an email to pr[at]urbanautica[dot]com

Can I share contents from Urbanautica?
Of course you can. Just credit us with a link. All photographs presented are the sole property of the contributing artist unless otherwise noted. Please remind that our texts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

How can I search for specific contents?
You can browse recent features from the menu list. Yet we have built for you a powerful search engine too! Just click on the lens icon and do your research. You can add filters to your research such as nations, type of contents and photographic category. For example if you are looking for interviews with Belgian artists you can select Belgium with the 'nation' filter and 'interview' with the 'type' filter. 

I would like you to consider my graduation thesis for your archive?
Please send to thesis[at]urbanautica[dot]com the abstract in English of your thesis with a cover image (.jpg). Don't forget to mention the name of your University and the title of your Degree.