Urbanautica is an independent journal about visual anthropology and cultural landscapes that came from humble beginnings, and has now a spread in 4 continents and thousands of followers. 

Representing our peers: we create partnerships & networks by promoting what we are excited about in order to make an impact that is real. Fueled by the passion of our visionary leader Steve Bisson, who began this project in 2009, Urbanautica has only grown via word of mouth & a common love for what we do! Through these years the team of Urbanautica has enhanced a critical thinking about photography while collaborating with institutions around the world through exhibitions, books, reviews, workshops, lectures.


Editors & Staff 

Founding Editor
Steve Bisson

Contributing editors
Dieter Debruyne,Irith Guby, Lina Manousogiannaki, Klaus Fruchtnis,Georges Salameh, Polina Shubkina, Rocco Venezia, Sheung Yiu

Web Designer
Marcello Balbo

Video Producer
Elisabetta Tasca

Translations and Proofreading
Lauren Borremans, Laura Lee Bral, Heleen De Boever, Robin Geldhof, Sjoerd Houben, Sophia Marmelstein 



Volunteering Opportunities

Urbanautica is seeking assistance from volunteers. We believe that volunteering offers a valuable chance to photographers, educators and writers to make and grow their own experience. To find out more please write to info@urbanautica.com.



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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Does Urbanautica accept volunteers?
Volunteers are welcome. What we ask is above all the willingness to cooperate in an international editorial team with enthusiasm and commitment.

How can I contact Urbanautica?
General information: info[at]urbanautica.com  
Press Releases: pr[at]urbanautica.com
Projects: submit[at]urbanautica.com 
Thesis: thesis[at]urbanautica[dot]com
Or visit our People page to learn more on our contributor editors

I sent an email and I have not heard back?
We receive many submissions every day and hundreds of messages per week. Be patient we do our best! 

I would like to promote an exhibition?
Please join our facebook Photo Exhibitions group and share your press release directly. The group is about exhibitions so anything else will be removed. You can send an email to pr[at]urbanautica[dot]com

Can I share contents from Urbanautica?
Of course you can. Just credit us with a link. All photographs presented are the sole property of the contributing artist unless otherwise noted. Please remind that our texts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Creative Commons License

How can I search for specific contents?
You can browse recent features from the menu list. Yet we have built for you a powerful search engine too! Just click on the lens icon and do your research. You can add filters to your research such as nations, type of contents and photographic category. For example if you are looking for interviews with Belgian artists you can select Belgium with the 'nation' filter and 'interview' with the 'type' filter. 

I would like you to consider my graduation thesis for your archive?
Please send to thesis[at]urbanautica[dot]com the abstract in English of your thesis with a cover image (.jpg). Don't forget to mention the name of your University and the title of your Degree. 






Andrea Alessio, Gianpaolo Arena, Barbara Beltramello, William M. Bisson, Andrea Buzzichelli, Marina Caneve, Benoit Chailleux, Daniele Cinciripini, Dave Jordano, Diego Fabro, Andrea Filippin, Enrico Fioraso, Paola Fiorini, Dana Fritz, Paolo Fusco, Gianfranco Gallucci, Gianluca Gamberini, Edoardo Hahn, Joao Henriques, Dave Jordano, Mitch Karunaratne, Petros Koublis, Vincenzo Labellarte, Matthieu Litt, Anais Lopez, Blazej Marczak, Juan Margolles, Nicola Mazzuia, Francesco Merlini, Pietro Millenotti, Luca Moretti, Novella Oliana, Gaetano Paraggio, Stefano Parrini, Iacopo Pasqui, Giuseppe Pazzaglia, Corrado Piccoli, Ludovico Poggioli, Giovanni Presutti, Massimiliano Pugliese, Marco Ristuccia, Heidi Romano, Luca Rossetto, Chris Round, Evgeniy Sagataev, Omar Sartor, Fabrizio Saiu, Stand Quarterly, Fabrizio Vatieri, Louis Vorster, Yaniv Waissa, Eva Wollenberg, Denise Wyllie, Marco Maria Zanin.

Special thanks to Georg Zinsler for his kind support.



Gianpaolo Arena, Eline Benjaminsen, Lisa Boughter, Sylvie De Weze, Tiago Dias Dos Santos, Andrea Filippin, Sebastiaan Franco, Gary Green, Veronica Gonzales, Peter Holliday, Gregory E. Jones, Sanne Kabalt, Daniel Kariko, Karl Ketamo, Nicolette Klerk, Niki Leck, Laura Lee Bral, David MarlĂ©, Eleonora Milner, Gaia Musacchio, Francesca Orsi, Martin Petersen, Lucia Pedrana, David Pollock, Barbel Praun, Natalya Reznik, Thieu Riemen, Marco Ristuccia, Dawn Roe, Renata Scovino, Talia Smith, Sylvia Souffriau, Laura Van Severen, Krzystof Sienkiewicz, Nathalie Vissers, Peter Waterschoot, Rachel Wolfe, Jeffrey Wolin