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The editorial Undercover opens to contaminations between music, photography and contemporary art in its broadest sense. Photography as a tool for a complex communication which takes in the womb multiple metaphorical meanings. The interdisciplinary nature of these discussions intimates depth, suggests paths, reveals links, and indicates relations between languages that feed on one another. Photographies for the ears.

ISSUE 1: JOSEPH SZABO - (Photo: Priscilla, Jones Beach, 1969). DINOSAUR JR “Green Mind”, 1991, Blanco y Negro.

ISSUE 2: WEEGEE  - (Photo: Corpse with Revolver. CA, 1940). NAKED CITY “Naked City”, 1990, Elektra/Nonesuch.

ISSUE 3: WILLIAM EGGLESTON - (Photo: Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973). BIG STAR “Radio City”, 1974, Ardent Records

ISSUE 4: ALEC SOTH - (Photo: Cemetery, Fountain City, Wisconsin, 2002). THE WINGDALE COMMUNITY SINGERS  “S/T”, 2005, Plain Records

ISSUE 5: JEFF WALL - (Photo: The Destroyed Room, 1978). SONIC YOUTH “The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities”, 2006, Geffen Records

ISSUE 6: RYAN McGINLEY - (Photo: Highway, 2007). SIGUR RÓS “Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust ”  2008 XL/EMI

ISSUE 7: ROMAN SIGNER / MAREK ROGOWIEX - (Photo: Wasser Stiefel/Water Boots, 1986). GASTR DEL SOL “Upgrade & Afterlife” 1996 Drag City

ISSUE 8: WILLIAM EGGLESTON - (Photo: Untitled, 1980). JOANNA NEWSOM & THE YS STREET BAND “EP” 2007 Drag City

ISSUE 9: ANDERS PETERSEN - (Photo: Lily and Rose, 1969). TOMWAITS “RAIN DOGS” 1985 Island Records

ISSUE 10: WILLIAM KLEIN - (Photo: Serge Gainsbourg, 1984). SERGE GAINSBOURG “Love on the Beat”, 1984 PolyGram

ISSUE 11: SEAMUS MURPHY - PJ. HARVEY “Let England Shake”, 2011 Island Records

ISSUE 12: SERGEY CHILIKOV - (Photo: Alatyr, 1995). BEIRUT “Gulag Orkestar”, 2006 A-Zap records

ISSUE 13: LUIGI GHIRRI - (Photo: Untitled, 1990). CCCP “Epica Etica Etnica Pathos”, 1990 Virgin Records 

ISSUE 14: GREGORY CREWDSON - (Photo: Untitled, 1998). Yo La Tengo “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out”, 2000 Matador Records

ISSUE 15: GABRIEL JONES - (Photo: 8 alternate covers issued for the CD version of the album”). Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”, 2010 City Slang 

ISSUE 16: WILLIAM EGGLESTON - (Photo: Tanglewood Numbers (pundits in the liquor light…), 1971). Silver Jews “Tanglewood Numbers”, 2005 Drag City 

Undercover is written by Gianpaolo Arena since January 2011.  Martin Petersen (Issue #11), Niki Leck (Issue #13) , Steve Bisson, Bruno Zhu, Gregory Jones, David Pollock also have contributed to the editing.

© All copyright remains with photographers. Text by Urbanautica.