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The world loves look and see. It’s no wonder photography has become the a primary means to communicate across cultures. Photography has the eloquent ability to translate the unspeakable into visual form, to succinctly convey the nuances of human experience that are not always tangible but remain ever present. 

Written language also has this ability to communicate on an underlying level. While photography is often translated into analysis, historic and cultural contexts and other mediums of academic and conceptual relating, seldom seen in popular art culture a visual experience translated into another non-visual experience. Yet, we all translate our experiences internally, perhaps consciously or unbeknownst to us. 

In Translations, the written text becomes its own art in response to the curated collection of photographic images. The power of story telling and interrelationships among the subtle qualities of art experiences are heightened. A new pathway is formed between the photographs and the text. The symbols of language marry with those within the images, creating a new dimension of experience that explores what art is, how it gives meaning to life, while connecting the individual to the whole. 

Translations - The dialogue of image and text as individual parts relating to the totality of art and life.

ISSUE 1: MERCY (William Rugen, Jules Rodet, Simon De La Court, Jordi Huisman)

ISSUE 2: THE LAST LINE (Stevie Dacanay, Wardie Hellendoorn, Anna V. Shelton)

ISSUE 3: BY SOME GRACE (Natalie Kaplan, Tommy Forbes, Thomas Paul Konzett)

ISSUE 4: OBSERVER OF BEAUTIFUL FORMS (Lee Basford, Benedetta Falugi, Se Young)

ISSUE 5: A READING TO THE EVENING (Andrés Medina, Patrick Joust, Ryan Hancock) 

ISSUE 6: TRUE TO FORM (Chris Round, Brad McMurray, Jeff Seltzer)

ISSUE 7: coming soon

Translations is written by Rachel Wolfe, a photographer, artist, writer and speaker. Her personal and professional work reflect her love and respect for the subtle qualities of life and the expression of a conscious progression across all cultures. Rachel’s site is frequently updated. She warmly welcomes all comments, proposals and those who want to make a connection. Learn more at rachelwolfe.com and on the blog howlya.tumblr.com