by Renata Scovino

I remember (the taciturn face), remember (her delicate hands), remember (clearly her voice).

Day after day, we look without seeing, we hear without hearing, we play without feeling and rare are our attempts to rescue the enchantment from the habit. On the other hand, we are so concerned with memory, should we also worry about forgetting?

In ‘Casa Doze’, a book by Alexandre Furcolin, the essential is where it is missing: in the feeling of a blurry mind, in the tilted mirror that drags us to the ground, in the window that reveals a passage, one inside and one outside, one at the front and one at the background which  are left exchanging between possibilities. On a moving body, on a movement that unfolds, on a combination of shapes and gestures, on being taken between things that have a past and a future.

The images both translate as betray, they are as accessible as incomprehensible. Each image is also quiet and there are voices in the empty spaces. Voices that carry echoes of other times and suck us like in the vortex of an abyss. Shall we condense the maximum of the felt in a minimum? Shall we strip down to be an empty vessel? In the house there are traces of all the other houses, and leave it behind does not silence its voice but suggests that the noise stopped just because you can no longer hear.

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Alexandre Furcolin F. 
Pingado Press