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Mårten Lange


Ampersand, Portland
28.03.2013 - 21.04.2013

Ampersand is pleased to present ‘Another Language’, a solo exhibition of new work by Swedish artist Mårten Lange. We’ve long admired the stark black & white simplicity of his photographs & the typological inquisitiveness of his eye. As with his previous bodies of work, foremost among them ‘Anomalies’, Lange’s new images bring to mind the work of a visual taxonomist cataloging outside the confines of identifiable geographies or defined eras of time.

While the photographs in ‘Anomalies’ proposed ambiguous situations in an urban setting, ‘Another Language’ ventures toward the natural world, bringing to our eye a collection of animals & vegetation, land masses & water bodies, mineral forms & ephemeral natural phenomena. The object quality of his small photographic prints, floating amid the ample white space of simple frames, further brings to mind a collection of scientific specimens. However, unlike the hypotheses & declarations of scientific practice, Lange deliberately skirts the boundaries of fact & fiction in favor of a space where intellect & imagination are allowed to collide.

Born in 1984 in Mölndal, Sweden, Lange studied photography at the University of Gothenburg & the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK. He founded Farewell Books in 2007 & oversaw the publication of 11 titles through 2010, among them four of his own books, including the afore mentioned ‘Anomolies’, one of our favorite photobooks.

Lange’s work has been exhibited widely in Europe, including upcoming exhibitions of ‘Another Language’ at Robert Morat in Berlin & the Unseen Photo Fair this September in Amsterdam. ‘Another Language’ was published to wide acclaim in 2012 by the London-based art & photobook publisher, MACK.

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