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Tammy Mercure 

I have been photographing the Southeast United States since moving to Tennessee in 2007. I have photographed many sports that have men in hand to hand combat. This is a selection from Indie wrestling, collegiate wrestling, and MMA fights.

‘Primapersona’ is a biannual magazine that features unpublished autobiographical texts, whether they are memoirs or autobiographies, diaries or letters that are traces of life written by “ordinary people”. The magazine gives voice to the National Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano in Italy, and moreover, to the general debate on the issues of autobiography. 

In each issue, depending on the subject matter, are presented excerpts from these texts, from all periods of our recent history and from all regions of Italy. Their responses act as in an indirect dialogue with the study and theoretical reflections of those who, anthropologist or historian, sociologist and linguist, philosopher and writer,  are convinced that writing is a gesture of inquiry. (to understand something more of ourselves).

Photography has an important role in this magazine. In each article, words torn from the diaries and autobiographical memories are accompanied by images in black and white. Photographs  are carefully selected to dialogue with rather than interpret these words.

Urbanautica will take part in this new issue dedicated to Sports by suggesting a series of photographic projects that will be collected through an open call. In addition our editorial manager Steve Bisson will write a specific essay.

Submission have to bent sent to info@urbanautica.com. Deadline for submission March 7, 2013.

© Tammy Mercure

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