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Fake Suns’

There is a kind of second life for the trees that are immersed in the cities. They never take a rest, most of them are continually hitten by artificial lights that makes them living in a fake, neverending day. What artificial lighting does is to mutate the Photoperiodism extending the day length, this can change flowering patterns, and most importantly, promote continued growth thereby preventing trees from developing dormancy that allows them to survive the rigors of winter weather. The aim of the project is to give a “visual voice” to this familiar condition, that we can all recognize in our Metropolis and that it is as common as usually ignored by people, while it represent a kind of new cohabitation between citylife and nature.

FAUNA’ is a new call open to any suggestions on photographic series related to animals. We will be posting the best submissions on Urbanautica and related channels. Deadline is February 18th. One project selected from among those submitted will be published and printed on the 4th issue 4 of “Stand Quarterly” magazine together with the works of Alec Soth, Céline Clanet, Vincent Fournier and Trine Søndergaard. Stand is an advertisement-free photographic journal showcasing the work and thoughts of various contemporary photographers from all areas of the world. Submissions of the series are welcome at info@urbanautica.com or directly on our facebook page. Steve Bisson curator and art director of Urbanautica will also be selecting works for future exhibitions. The selection is made on series (full project). Yet we accept single images to share with our readers here on facebook… Thank you all and best wishes!!! 

©  Fabio Barile

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