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Out of fear for a foreign attack, the Albanian Stalinist leader Enver Hoxha built approximately 750.000 visible bunkers during his reign (1945-1985). Today, their massive presence seems to impress mainly foreigners. The Albanians prefer to look to the future, instead of the past. Even though a possible accession to the EU might take another ten years, the population of Albania feel they are ready for it. Within this documentary, the bunkers serve as a guide to illustrate the development of a European country that was the last to step away from communism and started the difficult journey to become part of the capitalistic West.

Book info:

750 copies / size: 213 x 340 mm / 168 pages / 62 colour photo’s / English

Release date: April 21th, 2012 / Pre-sale information (untill 21th of april). Whoever subscribes now will get the book for the reduced price of €39,95. The book will be €45,- when sold in stores. 

The book can be ordered here

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