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Often what we call the “essence” is actually the result of countless passages and personal interpretations, something complex and not at all objective. Perhaps the correct term would be “shareable”. If you look at something, and partly understand what you see, most of the time it means recognizing and seeing something of yourself. The ability to show something in the way your eyes see it becomes one of the most significant means of expression in any art form. If we consider the representation of the surrounding world through the medium of photography, it is clear that communicating the essence of the places portrayed basically becomes the artist’s ability to show the world that he has within himself. The viewer’s skill is to recognize in this intimate view something that belongs also to himself even without being fully conscious. The work of Maurizio Strippoli seems to move gracefully along these coordinates. The images appear almost crystallized in a fuzzy yet very clear idea of essence, as filtered through a glass or a veil, suspended between a personal perception of the present and the memory of what once may have been for us all.

«My biggest influences come from the work of Luigi Ghirri, Riccardo Varini, but I also like authors such as Alexander Gronsky, Michael Kenna. I am inspired by different things and situations: music, places that are new to me, other artists and styles, a good book or a long journey. I print personally my photographs on small size cotton paper, taking care of every detail. I like instinctive photography without artifice or too posed situations. This series of photographs is among the most recent and also one that at the time I appreciate most, because I think this is the direction that my own work will be undertaken, where the relationship with the places I encounter becomes almost “intimate”.»

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© Courtesy of Maurizio Strippoli

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