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In 2013 the curator Steve Bisson was invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Serbia to curate a new exhibition with Ljubica Milović Mastilović. The theme of the research is the “Experience of Space - Landscape in Photography”. Perception, as a term, suggests more of a physiological mechanism of seeing and observing while experience has a strong component of personalized interpretation and emotions related to what we see Researching how the manner of representation influences the way we experience space (specifically, the landscape) through photography as a media.

«Naturae stems from an inquiry interested in photography as a contemporary language capable of expressing the complexity of human actions and the meanings of inhabiting. It is an exhibit that reflects the need to better understand, the surrounding world to which we belong although at times it can seem contrary. A need that is expressed primarily through observation of nature and its elements, and the focus of tacit or intangible relations that separate or join us with it. There is a desire to go beyond the documentation of human-induced changes upon nature and the critical aspects of this difficult coexistence. There is a desire to move the gaze toward new forms of naturalness distinctive of contemporary life, on the many “natures” formed by a mixture of randomness and artifice, on the independent bodies in constant mutation, which brings with it a vision of possible scenarios. A story purged of melancholy interpretations of the lost landscape and without holistic references or contemplative endings. The nature that still matters is the one that serves as a background for tracing a map that gives guidance to human behaviors increasingly disoriented and frantic.» Steve Bisson

Photographs by Jordi Huisman (The Netherlands), Dustin Shum (Hong Kong), Geoffroy Mathieu (France), David Pollock (Canada), Paolo Fusco (Italy), Dušan Rajić (Serbia), Juan Margolles (Argentina), Mustafah Abdulaziz (United States), Ryan Debolski (United States), Sérgio Rolando (Portugal).
Text: Ljubica Milović Mastilović, Steve Bisson, Gary Green, Natalya Reznik
Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, 2014
Size of the book: 14,8 x 21 cm
72 pages – Four-colour printing
Softcover package
Published in English / Serbian